Samsung refrigerator 20.6 feet white

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%42 خصم سامسونج ثلاجة، 20.7 قدم، كمبريسور انفيرتر، لون ابيض

    • Defrost system: anti-freeze

      • Water dispenser: no
      • Air current: multiple
      • Made in: Thailand
      • Warranty (compressor): 10 years
      • the screen
      • Digital display (Yes / No): Yes
      • The compressor
      • Warranty (compressor): 10 years
      • energy
      • Volts: 220V
      • Technical characteristics
      • the color is white
      • Features

        Moisture and freshness in all parts of the refrigerator

        Twin Cooling Plus ™ technology alone can create a suitable environment for keeping fresh food in the refrigerator with humidity of up to 70% compared to 30% in conventional refrigerators. Thus, it keeps food fresh for longer without drying out.

        Delicious, odorless frozen food

        Twin Cooling Plus ™ system cools the compartments separately to eliminate unexpected odors from fridge to freezer. So the flavors of frozen foods can be kept longer.

        Did you buy a lot of foods? Don't worry about space!

        The interior space is vast and reaches 620 liters as SpaceMax ™ technology allows more space inside the refrigerator without affecting the external space. So storing all your groceries for the week is easier and faster.

      • 5 transfer modes upon request

        The refrigerator provides the ultimate in storage flexibility. You can easily convert the freezer into a refrigerator to keep fresh foods that you need to store for different seasons or special occasions, or turn it off * to save energy, depending on specifications.

        Makes ice and cools drinks

        Cold air is pumped intensively to ensure fast freezing or cooling. With the touch of a button, the rapid cooling function cools food and drinks in a short time, while the quick freeze mode freezes food and makes ice.

        It works longer, quieter and consumes less energy

        Digital Inverter technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed according to the need for cooling between 7 levels. It consumes less energy, reduces noise and reduces wear and tear due to use to provide strong, long-lasting performance.

        Easily organize the foods you need every day

        The detachable Deli drawer features a compact design that allows efficient waste of space in refrigerators. It is the perfect way to store daily foods or fresh foods so you can deliver foods directly to the dining table.

        Keeping the air fresh and clean

    The antibacterial guard keeps the fridge clean and sanitary. The air passes through an active carbon filter, to be sterilized continuously and get rid of odors in it while the anti-bacterial network eliminates the bacteria.

    You can see everything inside clearly

    The fridge features a small, stylish, efficient LED lamp that uses less energy compared to traditional lighting. It is located at the top and sides and illuminates every corner of the cabin, ensuring better visibility. You can clearly see everything inside.

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