MayTag Electric Oven 4 Burners

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MayTag Electric Oven 4 Burners KMER7600AW

This electric cooker from Maytage will be a great addition to the kitchen. It comes with an intelligent design to support and provides a strong and stable cooking surface for all kinds of pots and pans, as well as adding a touch of professionalism to your cooking area.

People who live with small families can feel safe with the extrapolation of the oven because only the corresponding receptacle and its contents receives heat from the induction rings. In fact, you have the option to cook on gas or electric oven.

This electric cooker gives you maximum control during cooking. Where the heat change is immediate and accurate. In addition, it comes with an electric oven and grill, making baking and barbecuing easier. With the four stoves you get double the amount of tasty food at the same time.

The large 137-liter oven allows you to cook many dishes at once. The large interior of the oven can easily accommodate large grills, multiple pottery dishes or several cooking racks. This Maitaj electric cooker has a shelf that is divided from the top so there is room for longer dishes.

4 burners
Size: 76 x 70 cm
Oven capacity: 137 liters
Full safety
electric grill

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