Indesit Washing Machine 09K-16 Program White Color

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Indesit Washer and Dryer XWE91283XW

The best option for daily washing with a single movement. With a single press of the UN Contributions button, Indesit replaces the Ignition, the Program selection and the beginning of the washing cycle, ensuring the Elimination of the Daily Dirt of cotton and synthetic is, simply, 50 Minutes.

Anti-stain option
For a more effective action against types of spots. Food: To eliminate organic stains such as sauce and wine. Work- To remove stains like ink and makeup. Exterior- To eliminate typical stains from the exterior, such as grease and mud.

Anti-odor cycle
To ELIMINATE the persistent odors, Thanks to the New movements of the drum, adding a RINSE At the end of the cycle with constant UN control of the temperature.

Special programs
Indesit offers a wide number of special programs to effectively wash different types of fabrics according to your needs.

Special Sports Programs
Sports cycles are specifically designed for Indesit to take care of your sports fabrics.

Delay start
You can delay the start of the program up to 24 hours according to your needs. Prepare the load, add the detergent, select the program and the machine at the selected time.

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